Interior Images offers some of the best quality fabrics available. We provide fabrics from a variety of companies to suit your needs.

Fabric Orders can only be placed over the phone or in person, due to the complexities that are involved with measurements, sizes, etc. You can place an order by calling 1-866-320-3223 toll-free. We're available 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday to Friday and 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Central Time, Saturday.


Joanne Fabrics


Fabrics are selected and edited from major mills around the world. Considerable planning and resources go into the design of each of our sample programs. It is through this medium of sampling that Joanne gets its product into the marketplace. New product lines are introduced four times each year.

Joanne Fabrics’ philosophy is the commitment to provide the highest level of Quality and Service. We strive to offer the widest choice of quality products while providing the highest level of personalized Customer Service.

Maxwell Fabrics


After years of selecting decorative patterns for our bedspread business, we shifted our focus into becoming a fabric wholesale distributor and in 1977 developed our first stack book program.

Over the years, Maxwell Fabrics has enjoyed tremendous growth within Canada, leading to our most recent venture of creating Maxwell Fabrics Inc. which has opened in the United States, January 2005. Maxwell Fabrics is excited to be selling in this wonderful new market place and will continue to provide outstanding style and value with first class customer service.


Robert Allen Design


For over 70 years, The Robert Allen Group has been the source for the world’s finest fabrics. Long recognized as the vanguard of innovation, the Company pioneered the broad distribution of fabric books. The renowned Robert Allen Color Library, with its exceptionally effective method of organization by color, was another industry first introduced by the company.

Inspired by all things intriguing and relevant, whether art, history, nature or architecture, our designs are always fresh, original, stylish and inventive. Today, each of our brands stands out as a leader in its respective market, allowing us to best serve our customers, themselves leaders among their peers.

J. Ennis Fabrics


While working for a New York City fabric company, James Ennis realized there was a similar need for high quality fabrics in Canada. In 1972 he started J. Ennis Fabrics, a textile company that catered to the Canadian consumer's needs.

36 years later, J. Ennis Fabrics sits at the forefront of the wholesale textile industry, supplying fabric throughout North America. Although we've grown in size, our ideals remain the same. Our continual commitment to providing the highest quality products and services ensures we exceed expectations, enabling our clients to attain their visions.

By offering an inspiring selection of fashion forward textiles and accessories, J. Ennis Fabrics provides a host of clients within interior design and home decor industries the means to see their ideas come to life.

J. Ennis Fabric Samples

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