Draperies available at Interior Images Brandon,MB

We custom-make a full line of drapes and curtains to meet your individual needs and personal style—all available in a large variety of fabrics, textures, colours, and patterns. Draperies add beauty and elegance to a room, or throughout your entire home.

In addition to supplying our products to residential customers, we provide commercial draperies for settings including hotels and motels, seniors’ residences, offices, and arts venues. See examples of our commercial draperies as well as other products here.

We specialise in NAFT product, Green product, Energy Efficient products as well as products made from recycled materials. On of our goals is to help create a more sustainable environment.

Our selection of fabrics is everlasting and timeless. As window covering specialists, we will visit your home or office to review your requirements and to take all the necessarily measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Then, we’ll create new draperies that complement the existing style and design features of the rooms or offices in which they will be featured.

Drapery Styles

Drapery Lengths

The length of your drapery can be used as a style statement. Choose the length that supports your lifestyle and complements your décor.

Floor: Measures approximately ½” above the floor.
Trouser: Measures to the floor plus an additional 2” to the length to create a break at the floor, similar to how a trouser leg breaks on top of a shoe.
Puddle: Measures to the floor plus an additional 6”-10” to create a fabric pool on the floor.
Sill: Measures to the window sill; typically use on an inside mount.
Apron: Measures to the bottom of the window trim; typically use on an outside mount.

Did you know? There is a difference between drapes and curtains, although most people use the terms interchangeably. Typically, curtains are sheer and do not block the light or provide privacy. Drapes, on the other hand, are usually lined, thereby blocking light and providing a level of privacy.

Curtain and drapery orders can only be placed over the phone or in person, due to the complexities that are involved with measurements, sizes, and design. Contact us or Book a Consultation.