How to Measure Bedding

When measuring for a throw or a fitted bedspread, you will need to provide two figures: total width and total length. These are calculated as follows:

Total Width = (A) + (C) + (C)
Total Length = (B) + (C)


(A) = Width of Bed
(B) = Length of Bed
(C) = Drop
(D) = Width of Box Spring
(E) = Length of Box Spring
(F) = Height of Box Spring

Diagram indicating key measurement points for bed spread measurements.

A minimum of 15″ should be added to length (B) if a pillow tuck is desired. For coverlet style spreads, reduce drop (C) so the bed skirt can be seen. Outline quilted bed coverings with lengths exceeding 116″ must be made with a reverse wrap.

Standard Bed Sizes

Twin – 39″ x 72″
Double – 54″ x 72″
Oversize Double – 54″ x 80″
Queen – 60″ x 80″
King – 78″ x 80″